Pet Speak Sessions

Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though.


As your Animal Communicator, I help you further understand your companions on a level you may not have been able to before.

I was born with a deep love for animals and an even deeper need to understand and help them. I spent my summers teaching my dogs (and cats) circus tricks. I rescued “abandoned” baby mice. I raised a baby magpie that had gotten trapped in our garage. I would rather laze around with my horse in the apple orchard instead of training for the show, contemplating the life of the ladybug we were watching.

I was consumed with the conversations I had with these creatures and the many things that I learned from them.

In 2002 I became certified as an Equine and Canine Massage Therapist with the hopes of opening my own rehabilitation center and assisting with their physical recovery. I also discovered and trained in the mystical world of Energy Healing.

And yet every time I held a session with an animal, I inevitably ended up talking with them about the new roommate they didn’t like, or the food that was giving them indigestion, or the cat that was beating them up down the block.

My days as an Animal Communicator began to blossom.

What does an Animal Communication session involve?

An Animal Communication session with me not only deepens the bond between you and your pet by connecting you with the thoughts, images, and emotions your pet is experiencing, but very much like a coaching session, we get to share a two-way conversation between you and your pet, as I serve as your interpreter.

Countless topics can be covered in our sessions, such as:

  • What are they thinking or feeling?
  • Why has their behavior suddenly (or gradually) changed, and what is it they need?
  • Why are they here? What “job” do they most want to fulfill? What is their role in your life?
  • What assistance do they need as they are reaching the final moments of their lives?
  • For those who have passed, how are they feeling and what messages would they like to send back?
  • What physical issues are they experiencing and what would help them?
  • What is it they most need and want you to know?

I hold a deep belief that all of us are born with an intuitive nature and ability to communicate with our animals. I simply make it easier to decipher the messages.

If you are finding yourself wondering what is going on with your pet, or you just “know” something is happening but you’re not sure what to do, I would be honored to assist both (or all) of you!

A few photo’s of your pet or companion is all I need and we are ready to chat!


  • 60-minute sessions via phone: $150 — Book online now!
  • 30-minute follow-up sessions for existing clients: $75
  • Barn or house calls in the Steamboat Springs area are available upon request: $250. Please contact me.
  • Group rates upon request. Please contact me.

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